A whisper about Halloween…

And it IS a whisper, because I am so uncomfortable with expressing a belief that to a great many people, will seem ridiculous, horribly humbug-ish, off-puttingly evangelical, or just plain crackpot!

I hate the idea that I am in any way an ‘over serious – too prescriptive – fundamentalist’ Christian, and so often this leads me to stay quiet on the subject of evil. But this is the truth about a belief I hold somewhere, deep down, embedded in my sense of spirituality and given the deathly, festive feel to a lot of blog spaces at the mom ent, I am going to give my two pennyworth!

I don’t celebrate Halloween in the supermarket sense. (Had you guessed already?)

I should probably explain (in an off handed manner) that I “don’t mind if OTHER people want to dress up as witches and ghouls and zombies and devils”.

“That’s FINE. It’s just not for me”.

But actually, I DO mind.

I do mind that every year, we make a joke of something that is really very serious. I do mind that while we while away hours playing with ghoulish things and partying with blood and fire and all kinds of whacked out representations of the devil, ‘real’ evil is creeping round, enjoying the kudos, harming people who playfully open their minds to it.

What I most object to about Halloween, is the fact that in our preoccupation with the paranormal, and our laughter at the concept of all things ghoulish, we make a mockery of an evil that is so fearfully real, that were it to be unveiled before us, we would quake and cower and beg for mercy.


Now I’m stepping down from my (non orange) soapbox.

I know it’s controversial but… any thoughts?

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