A for a blog I never write…

20160403_164645.jpgSo… here’s a place I write in almost NEVER.

I’m puzzled as to whether it’s connected to my other blog. I avoid checking. Too lazy? Too
technologically compromised?

It’s the A- Z challenge thing, and I want to do it (late) but I’m already convinced I’ll fail. Yes,  my mantra should be I CAN AND I WILL! I CAN AND I WILL..! But really? This ‘positive thinking’ thing… Does it work?

Even thinking about it makes me cringe. Such are the depths of my dark cynicism.

I’m throwing caution to the wind. It’ll be good for me to move out of my ‘safer to not write at all’ zone…

So… A is for a blog I never write.

B is for Better, as in, ‘must do

and today is C, right?

C is for Challenge. The one I’m rising to.

Join me?




2 thoughts on “A for a blog I never write…

  1. Actually, we don’t blog on Sunday’s. So Sunday would have been a great day to catch up. As it is, C would have been today and tomorrow will be the letter D. So you are actually all caught up.
    Unless I’m mistaken about when these are posted because of a time difference.

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